Frequently Asked Questions

What colors do the BrandFX 3D and the FanFx 3D Sign Systems come in?
We produce 15 standard Fluorescent Colors which include Optical White, Canary Yellow, Yellow Verde, Lime Green, Mint Green, Leaf Green, Blue Green (Jade), Fire Orange, Rocket Red, Flame Orange, Purple Haze, Deep Blue, Invisible Blue, Turquoise, Candy Pink and Peach (Flesh color).

Do you make special/custom colors?
Yes we have a full color compounding laboratory at our disposal for custom color formulations.

Are opaque colors also available or even non-fluorescent colors for the frame?

Yes, Any pantone color is possible as well as opaque fluorescent colors.

How many sizes of the sign are available?

For BrandFX, Currently we offer 6 different sizes in Rectangle and 4 in Square. For FanFX we offer 2 sizes. Compare ...and print out the sizes here or at the Print/Specs tab.

What do the Signs Weigh?

The 12 signs range from 2-12 lbs. FanFX (2-4 lbs.) and BrandFX 3D (5-12 lbs.)

Is it true Fluorescent colors burn out over time?

That is true of many plastics and plastic colors in general but in an indoor application the Fluorescent colors of BrandFX/FanFX should easily last 20 years! Only UV light present in direct sunlight is capable of burning out plastics in 2-5 years. The BrandFX/FanFX signs are not designed to be placed in direct sunlight.

How does the brightness of the BrandFX/FanFX Sign System compare with the brightness of Neon?

In most environments the brightness is very similar, in strong or direct sunlight Neon is brighter but this is not the intended optimal use for our signs.

In what other ways can you compare your sign system to Neon?

Our signs are very different from Neon in many ways. Neon is a bent glass tube, so your design is limited to that tubular material. This is why almost all Neon looks similar. Every BrandFX/FanFX Sign is a Unique Brand Identifier and people actually notice that it is bright like neon but looks quite different! It has a magical quality that only fluorescent materials possess, thus making it visually identified and remembered.

Our fluorescent plastics can be molded in any shape desired and appear totally different to neon but still have the bright glow of neon. We can create any Brand or logo shape/design, which is something Neon just cannot achieve.

Our signs put out the pleasing and remembered look of a fluorescent glowing material - not at all the harsh light of Neon, which is simply not acceptable for many environments.

The BrandFX/FanFX System energy consumption is 80-85% less than Neon.

Virtually no maintenance is required at all.

No messy wires or cables in sight other than the external power cord.

Like Neon, The BrandFX/FanFX System has see-through transparency but without the black metal framework to support the whole sign … as is the case with Neon.

The BrandFX/FanFX Sign System operates on 12 volts and only draws 10-20 watts, much less than Neon.

What are the BrandFX/FanFX Sign mounting options?

We provide 3 options:

1- Wall Mount- an almost invisible lightweight Metal frame that attaches to the wall and clips on to four contact points on the back of the corner holders of the sign frame

2- Aerial Suspension provided by two almost invisible metal rods connected to the frame by a simple clip-on system and hung from steel cables suspended from overhead beams or ceiling.

3- A Plexiglas and metal countertop display pedestal

What is the lifespan of the LED lighting in the sign?

While most manufacturers of LED lights claim their product last 100,000 hours (over 11 years running 24 hours a day) We feel our LED lights will last a minimum of 5-7 years (24 hours a day) before needing to be easily and inexpensively replaced.

Is there any danger coming from the UV LEDS in the BrandFX/FanFX Sign?

No. The amount of UV light (375 nanometers UV-A) emanating within the sign is between 12-20 watts depending on the required sign size. That is equivalent to a 15 watt BLB Fluorescent tube. Please keep in mind that this small amount of UV light stays within the confines of the sign structure.

How do we begin the process of putting our Brands into your BrandFX/FanFX Sign System?

Once our art department (please remember we have been designing UV Lighting, UV sensitive materials and creating UV effects for over 25 years) has spoken with your art department and we agree on design and colors, we can begin the manufacturing process immediately. The BrandFX/FanFX Sign System is manufactured in California, in an ISO 9001-2008 certified UL registered facility.

We welcome all your questions and comments….

Please contact Richard Green at 310-464-2977 or

We know the BrandFX/FanFX system will showcase your Brand in a whole new light. Your Brand/Logo will be seen and remembered... That has always been the magic of fluorescence!

Please come and visit us in Los Angeles and see scores of our BrandFX 3D™ and our FanFX 3D™ Sign System Samples.