About Us

     UltraVista Systems™ began as a collaboration between the creative team of Leslie Pringle and Richard Green. This is the continuation of a partnership which began in Hollywood in 1989 with their formation of Wildfire Inc. and continued in 1997 with the formation of UV/FX.  Pringle and Green have been committed to the development of Ultraviolet based special effects, Ultraviolet Scenery, Ultraviolet Lighting and the development of UV activated materials since the beginning. This 25 year collaboration has produced special effects and special effects lighting for over 100 major Movies, TV Programs, Commercials, Theme Parks, Special Events, the best known International Touring Acts and Major Stage Shows. Pringle and Green are considered the go to guys when producers need groundbreaking and visually stunning effects for their projects. See our special effects work at our parent company UVFX.com

     This tradition continues with UltraVista Systems™ and came out of our longstanding desire to create UV effects for the sign industry.

     The visually stunning BrandFX 3D™ System (Illuminated Suspended Image System) and FanFX 3D™ (Our new lighter/slimmer version) are the first of many innovative visual concepts in the pipeline for UltraVista Systems™ and promises to revolutionize and truly bring indoor signage into the 21st century!